Tai-Lee Muxlow

Tai Lee Muxlow began racing in 1981 at her home track of Cardiff in NSW. Who would have known that this little pocket rocket would become one of the most successful Australian BMX racers of all time. Tai-Lee instantly got a taste for winning, and would start one of the most iconic winning streaks in BMX. Throughout her career in the sport, Tai Lee would win no less than 13 number 1 State Titles, 9 National Number 1 Titles and in 1990 she finally added a World Number 1 to her impressive tally. She was without peer, absolutely dominating her class on the track. 

Tai-Lee didn’t just have the stuff of champions - she had it in spades. Most often she would be out in front and untouchable - but true champions emerge when they are faced with an impossible challenge. In 1990 at the National Open Womens Final, Tai-lee found herself in 7th place after a bad start. With little passing opportunity on a tight track- it seemed her title defense was all but lost. But in true champion style, Tai-Lee fought her way back one position at a time to finally claim the win right on the line - electrifying the crowd who were in awe at what they had just witnessed.

 With her champion qualities on and off the track, Tai-Lee was a sponsors dream.  SE racing supported her early career before she was picked up by GT Bicycles as part of the highly successful team that dominated the 1980’s and 90’s. Throughout her career, She would promote the sport through regular newspaper, magazine and television appearances. 

 After BMX Tai-Lee would go onto to dominate the Mountain Bike Scene Winning more National Titles and in 2002 was crowned Australian FEMALE MOUNTAIN BIKE CYCLIST OF THE YEAR. Tai Lee Muxlow is arguably amongst the most successful cross disciplined cyclists Australia has ever produced.

Ladies and Gentleman, please give a huge round of applause for Hall Of Fame Inductee - Tai-Lee Muxlow.

Career Highlights

1 x World Title (W1): 1990
9 x Australian National #1 Titles
13 x State Titles
2002 Female Mountain Bike Cyclist of the Year


SE Racing
GT Bicycles

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